Welcome to Jersey

OK. Here it goes. My very first post.

This blog circles around a small spot in Central New Jersey where I live with my Husband and 5-year-old son. When our family moved here from Pittsburgh a little over 4 years ago we had to deal with the extreme difference in the cost of housing. If anyone out there has ever moved from a city like Pittsburgh to anywhere in Jersey you know what I mean when I say  “YIKES!!”. I must have said that a 100 times when we first started looking. Once we stumbled across what we now call home I remember our realtor thinking we were a little nuts. “It’s only 600 square feet, do you know how small that is?”, “It’s also not in the best part of town and the part of town it is in floods from the river – ALOT!”. She tried, she really, really tried to get us to change our minds.

What can I say… we were young (hmmm, not really), it was our first home purchase (nope, our 4th), we just couldn’t tear ourselves away from the luxury and beauty of this home (blahahaha). It was simply the only single family home on the market in our price range (BINGO!). We wanted to stay for about a year calling it our New Jersey starter home and hoping to get some equity, some better employment and someplace else to choose from but that just hasn’t happened yet. We all know what shape the housing market is in and I don’t need to blog about such “suckiness”.

Now 3 years later I can say we have adjusted quite well to the changes. Before Jersey we had always been comfortable living in aprox. 1300 sq. ft. – not a huge stretch but just enough to realize that 600 sq. ft. is not even close. We have condensed, compressed, compacted and consigned. We are getting really good at rationalizing any new purchase with the think out loud process of  “where the hell will that go? ” or “what the hell do we need one of those for?” We have figured out how to prep and cook a large meal on a 2 ft. section of counter top. Paint the entire house without the use of a ladder.  Mow our lawn in less than 20 minutes (including the edging) and buy our Christmas tree each year from the cheap tree section at Home Depot.

All summed up – it’s been simply blissful. and this is just the beginning. I hope to share more stories and other fun stuff here.
(so pretty please come back)


6 thoughts on “Welcome to Jersey

  1. I’m looking (and might be back) because I think it awesome that as many blogs are dying because of social media, you decide it’s a good media for you to embrace. Good luck to you! And while I am no longer on the east coast, I can relate to …it costs WHAT???

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