Shut the “Front Door”

This is an oldie but goodie craft project I did last year. I posted to it my Facebook page but loved it so much I decided to post it here as well. Nothing like dressing up the front door with some old yarn and felt I had hanging around. Not only did it get rid of materials I did not taking up space in my craft boxes but it turned out to be pretty cute and really easy! I call it my cone wreath but we have other terms of endearment like pointy or volcano wreath. here is How it’s done.
1. Gather a few shades of felt scraps that you have lying around (or buy new – more fun this way!)
2. Next Gather up yarn scraps lying around (blend your colors or find a shade that compliments your felt scraps – have fun with it). For a larger door wreath like this one I used close to 3/4 of a ball of yarn.
2. Cut felt into long triangular strips – no template needed. Just “become one” with the felt and let it tell you what sized triangle it really wants to be.
3. Buy one foam wreath – any size will do. The one I picked out is 12″ in diameter.
4. Slowly wrap yarn around foam wreath and try to keep yarn aligned without crossing it too much. ( hint: less crossing will give you a cleaner look.) Wrap the entire wreath until you cannot see the foam and tuck and tie yarn in back
5. Add felt cones by rolling triangles wide edge to point. Using pins, go through the edge of the felt cone base and stick straight into the foam. I did not use glue on the cones – they stick together all on their own.
6. Place cones tightly together and fill gaps with smaller cones if needed. once you have enough added (you will know) stop – hahaha. Add a band of felt or ribbon to upper left and VOILA! You are the proud owner of a cone wreath (pointy or volcano wreath)

Feel free to comment if you hit a snag or have questions. Also, if you try this and want to share your end results just remember – I sure do love pictures.
Enjoy and hopefully this will help clear up some space in your craft bin and make more room for, well, new craft stuff.


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