Hello Hoboken

Yesterday we took a little last-minute train trip to Hoboken. It was one of those unplanned type of days where we looked at the NJ Transit train schedule, picked Hoboken and the rest would just fall into our laps. We grabbed the train in Bridgewater and had to make additional transfers in Newark and Secaucus to catch the southbound Pt. Jarvis line to Hoboken.
Our 5-year-old is in complete awe of the train and the massive system of trains that surround the NYC/NJ area. He enjoys the ride, the views out the window, the big steps on and off the train, the ticket machines, the escalators in the stations, the platforms, and even the pre-recorded “lady announcer” calling out each station stop during the ride. if New Jersey Transit has a fan club he would definitely be a member. My husband, not so much. He loves his car and the freedom of knowing his car is parked close. Today however, since we were traveling to Hoboken we thought parking would be hard to find and expensive so the train seemed like an obvious choice.Once we got off the train we walked everywhere we went. Hoboken is definitely a walkable place to visit. Everything seems close. We went up to Washington Street and took a stroll past the Cake Boss’s, Carlo’s Bakery to see about 60 people waiting in line to go inside and see what treats they had for sale. If I had been by myself I might have waited but it looked like a long wait and it was hot and I know that the boy would not have tolerated that. Not sure if he (or my husband) understand the fame or reasoning behind needing to see the inside of a Bake Shop. We grabbed a quick slice of pizza from Basile’s and headed towards the Pier A waterfront. Pier A is a great place to enjoy some fresh green open space, cool refreshing breezes off the Hudson, and a very friendly feel. We stopped and watched people fish for crab and got a chance to see a few up close in big buckets. There were lots of sunbathers, nappers, photographers, joggers, and dogs with their owners enjoying the day. The views of the river and the city are amazing here. It was not the clearest day but we could still see upriver all the way to the George Washington bridge and way down to the Verrazano. The new Freedom Tower rises high above the skyline from this view and is a wonderful reminder of progress. The highlight of the day was Pier C which resembles a man-made island set out from the edge of the boardwalk. It offers a really unique play area that features very organic styled play equipment with ropes and towers, bridges and a really tall metal slide. It also has a great “sandbox” play area with water and sand and huge opportunities to ger completely soaked (back up clothes saved the day). This playground and pier was a great addition to the day. On the way back to the train station we got a chance to see the terminal from the outside. How could I have missed this when we arrived? The terminal is very old and very beautiful and my pictures posted don’t really do it justice. We hung out for a bit inside and looked up at the huge glass ceiling and detailed wood work everywhere. This place is beautifu
l and if you ever make a stop in Hoboken be sure to take a walk inside after getting off your train.
What a nice day! Thank you Hoboken. We will definitely be back and most likely it will be on the train again.


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