Kitty Love


We have always been a dog family. Our two boxers were like our kids ( before we had a kid) and were our world. Over the past few years we lost them both and spent some time just being pet free for a while. Lately I have been feeling a real need for a pet.
We knew that the amont of work needed to own 2 big dogs was not something we wanted to do just yet and I thought “what about a cat?”. I had just started looking and then I found Tigger. He had been over at the local Petsmart since May and and was given up by his former family because of a falling out with their new family dog. When I met him through his cage and saw how friendly he was I knew he would make a great addition to our family.
He is a great cat and wants to be with us as much as we do with him.He purrrrs and meows “hello”, loves to cuddle and tolerates the noise and antics of a 5-year old boy. I love this cat and love being a pet owner again.


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